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Drug treatment services will take your request for links manually as we want to look at the organization we link to and reduce spamming. It has to fill the following conditions:


  1. The company's activities has to be in the drugs and alcohol addiction rehabilitation, prevention field and any organization affiliated.
  2. You need to put in one of your page the following link and let us know when it is uploaded and what page it is on your website. The link we will give you will equivalent in quality than the link you gave us in exchange.
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Drug treatment services in an organization dedicated to help people in Canada and united States to find drugs and alcohol rehabs.


Copy and paste the following:


<p><a href="http://www.drug-rehab-center.org">Drug treatment services</a> in an organization dedicated to help people in United States to find drugs and alcohol rehabs. </p>


When the following link has been upload e-mail us back with the page where the link is located. All the information needed above on your site in order to l link back to you. Also if you have any other demand feel free to ask them in your e-mail.